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About us

First, it is me on the photo above. You can see me in my everyday working suite. But — read further to get more important information about our winery.


We take care about 7 ha (approx. 17 acres) landscape covered with vines. And so we make low intervention wine from organic grapes. We are located in Mutěnice, Czech Republic.

The name "Dlúhé Grefty" means something like "long rows" (of a vineyard). The origin of a word "greft" is from local dialect and definitely comes from German meaning to graft new wines (it is because of specific former vine plants propagation ‐ you just put living piece of wood from existing vine to the soil and wait for it to grow; no american rootstocks like these days). In past (till the end of 19th century, the start of phylloxera disaster in our country) all the vineyard rows around were called "grefty". Now it is a part of history and we decided to use this word to describe our winery simply because we love tradition (and because we have long journey among all our plots).

(our wine label)

Our wines

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Our style

In general we have technologically poor wine production process. We crush hand-harvested grapes and let them on skins for a few days (depending on variety and year). Then we press them and put the juice to barrels (oak 225 - 600 liters) to let it ferment and get some rest. The wines are bottled with as little as possible sulphur or completely without (depends on year and bottling time).

(beautiful view to our village vineyards; one of thousands)

Our vineyards, soil and varietes

Currently (2023) there are 23 places which we grow the vine on. All the vineyards in our village are very fragmented and a lot of them lie in steep hils. Our smallest plot is 8 ares (approx. 0.2 acres) and the largest on is 1.2 hectare (approx. 3 acres). The average size of our plots is 25 ares (approx. .6 acres).

Topsoil is usually black or brown, subsoil changes from loess to clay or sand (no stones included in 98.5 % of our soil). So the wines are fresh, light and fruity without much minerality.

Regarding varietes we focus od Neuburger, Pinot Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Noir. All our vineyards are certified as organic (no system spraying or herbicides).

(we found a lot of similar ones in our plots)

Our story

I bought my very first vineyard in 2008 just to have some exercise because I do not like sporting (so I started from zero, no winemaking tradition in our family). In 2011 me and my wife started building a wine cellar. And in 2013 I tried to make my first own wine. I also started organic farming. The first vintage to sell outside was 2015. It was hot year with big rain just before harvest and then warm and sunny autumn. And since then we keep increasing our land property because we believe in local specific conditions and want to concentrate them into our wines.

Our distributors


Jaroslav Tesařík, Pavlína Tesaříková

(June 2023)

Address of our cellar: Uzavřená 493, 69611 Mutěnice, Czech Republic. See the map below: