Our wines ferments with indigenous yeasts. They usually age one year in old oak barrels (225 l) on lees without sulphur. Then they are bottled without fining and filtering (sometimes with a bit of sulphur added — up to 40 mg/l). We use only grapes from our vineyards farmed organically (contact spraying only and no use of herbicides). We strongly prefer a hands-off method of winemaking!

— White wines

White wines of 2016 vintage are currently sold out. We will bottle a part of 2017 vintage in late spring of 2018.

— Red wines

Rubra Mixtura
2015, dry
  • alkohol
  • kyseliny
  • cukry
Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (30 %) a Váh (70 %; Slovak cabernet variety). It ages 2 years in old 225-liter oak barrel. It was bottled in Novemer 2017 without added sulphur.

— Pet-nat (naturally sparkling wine)

In progress!